Frequently Asked Questions

How kind of payments do you accept?

We Accept the Following Credit/Debit Cards with any of these logos on them via Square and Paypal.

What we don't do...

Social Media Websites/Apps - Example: Facebook, Twitter Full Scale Ecommerce Websites/Apps - Example: Amazon, Alibaba ZEROMORPH will not build any Social Media Websites/Apps like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc. or any full scale ecommerce websites/Apps like Amazon, Alibaba for anyone except ZEROMORPH due to the time that it takes.

How Does The Website Development Process Work?

Step 1. THE FREE DEMO We want you to feel comfortable with our service, so we'll build you a FREE Homepage Demo! No sign up required, just fill out the short request form. Step 2. CUSTOMIZING THE DESIGN Once you see the demo site, you decide if you want to go further and have us build the rest of your site. If you do, we require a non-refundable deposit of 10% of the total project cost. This separates those who are serious and those who are not. During this process, you will submit your site's content (text) through our online system and media content (images, videos, documents) via Dropbox and/or Email. This is designed to help us both understand the layout of your site and easily guide you through the content creation process. We take what you send us and transform it into a visually stunning website showing off your business. Step 3. FINE TUNE After the base content is added, we'll work together to fine-tune your website with our interactive design management tool. Make any edit requests directly on the site, streamlining the process. Then when you're ready, you give the green light and we'll get your site ready to go live! Step 4. GO LIVE! Once the site is ready to go live and you have your Domain Name, we will give you the simple 3 step instructions to change the Nameservers in your Domain Name Provider's Account. This will make your site online within 48 hours.

Ways to pay...

Monthly Payment - Charged per month (ex: $999/Month). Yearly Payment - Charged per year (ex: $10,000/Year). One Time Payment - Charged one time only (ex: $30,000/One Payment (For people who want total control of their business).

Refund Policy

ZEROMORPH has no refund policy. We offer FREE Consultations and build FREE Custom Demonstration Home Pages for you to try your site out before you buy. We will do all that we can to help you and your business succeed.

Is there a minimum monthly commitment?

Yes, if you are going with a pay-per-month plan. The minimum monthly commitment for our monthly web services starts at $99/Month for the Basic Plan and $199/Month for the VIP Plan. Depending on if you want Premium Third-Party Apps and Features which will bring the monthly cost up higher to an additional $29 per App per month. You may cancel your service with us at any time but, keep in mind that if you do cancel, your businesses presence will no longer be online. If you do wish to cancel and still want to keep the website, you may buy out the site file for $999. This protects ZEROMORPH from being taken advantage of since we offer low cost professional services.

Who owns the website & content?

Our clients own all of the website content created when working with ZEROMORPH. If you choose to cancel the monthly service, we will happily transfer the site content to you (media, pictures, content, etc). If you want to cancel and want to keep all of the site files, there is a $999 buyout fee.

What features and services do you offer?

Full Website Design (up to 30 pages) + Mobile & Tablet Optimized (Perfectly made for all devices) + Basic Website Updates & Maintenance (We'll change images, videos and content) + Business Email Setup ( via G Suite) + Search Engine Optimization (Be found on the first page of Google, Bing, Ask, Yahoo) + Web Hosting (Stay Online all of the time) + SSL 128-Bit Site Protection (Protects private information from being stolen) + Logos (Custom logo designed for your business) + Animations (Wow your visitors from the start) + Email Marketing (Send Newsletters & Promotions) + Google Business Listing (Show off your physical business) + Google Analytics (Track and see who views your site) + Royalty Free Media (Icons, Images, Videos, Graphics, Art) + Database Development & Customization (Collect specific information) + Basic Bookings (Let your customers schedule appointments with you) + Media Galleries (Show off your products, services and creations) + 360 Images (Wow your audience like never before with stunning 360° images) + Art Stores (showcase, sell and print your art – right from your site) + Site Search (Display what your customers are looking for) + Events (Create and display multiple events, sell tickets, collect RSVPs, send invitations) + Restaurant Menus (List all of your food, beverages and services) + Tech Support & Assistance (Get help whenever you need via Email/Chat) + Music Players (Host and Stream your music on your site) + Video Players (Host and Stream your videos from Youtube, Vimeo or upload your own) + Blogs (Share your ideas anytime or schedule them to be shared later) + Live Chats (Talk to your customers in realtime) + Access to Third Party Apps (Social Media Feeds, Amazon, Etsy, PayPal, plus 280+ more) PREMIUM APPS + Online Stores (Sell Physical and Digital Products Online) + Professional Music Player (Stream & Sell Music Worldwide on iTunes, Spotify, Tidal, etc.) + Professional Video Player (Sell/Rent Videos and Channel Subscriptions at your own price) + Pro Bookings (Accept flexible payments, book appointments and classes) + Pro Restaurants (Take online orders commission free) + Hotels (Let guests book rooms directly from your site) + Invoicing (Get paid for your services)

What is considered "basic website updates & maintenance?"

Subscription plans include basic website support and maintenance. Need some pictures or content added? No problem, just email us the request at and we'll have it live within a few hours. It's important to keep the content fresh on your website so please don't hesitate to reach out with any updates you'd like to make to the site. If the requested changes are more than just basic website updates and maintenance, for example adding a new dynamic page, database or premium functionality to your site, we will work out a project based quote on the work needed. Our hourly rate is $99/hr. We will always consult with you first before any hourly work is started. Depending on what it is we will most likely do it FREE of charge.

Who owns the domain name?

You should always own your domain name, this is very important. If another website company offers to Register and Host your domain for you, it's a huge red flag. Your domain name should always be under your control as it is vital to your business. If you do not know who is in control of your domain name, ZEROMORPH will assist you in regaining control of it.

Can I make changes to the site myself?

Of course, if you feel comfortable making your own changes then more power to you. We'll invite you to be an editor/Admin on the site so you can learn to manage it on your own. Keep in mind you don't want to be playing around the editor too much as it can mess up your sites functionality. We reccommend learning to change images, pictures, making blog posts and using other apps on your own as they will help your business succeed more.

If ZEROMORPH closes up shop, what happens to my website?

We will transfer site ownership to all clients in the case of a business closure FREE OF CHARGE so your investment and information are safe. The program we create the websites with is easily transferable and it is fairly easy to find a new developer to take control, or also you can manage it on your own. ZEROMORPH is a Science Technology company, and we are always creating new things so you don't really have to worry about this even being an issue. But if it does happen, we will let you know months in advance so you can be totally prepared for it and your business can continue to run as smooth as possible.

Do you offer project based quotes?

YES! If you would like a custom quote for your website project and would feel more comfortable to own it from the beginning we offer project based quotes depending on your individual needs. To request a quote, either fill out the simple contact form by clicking on any of the "Contact Us" Buttons on our Services Page, Email Us at or Call Us at 1-845-363-2953. The more information you provide us with on what you would like done, the better we can serve you.

What coding languages/programs do you use to develop with?


How long until my site is completed?

Full Site Completetion is usually 1-7 Days. The faster we can get all of the required content and media from you (text, images, videos, documents), the faster we can build your website. ZEROMORPH Web Builders are working 24/7 to make sure your website is perfectly built to meet all of your needs as fast as possible.

Do you have another question that hasn't been answered?

Please submit any other questions you have using our Contact Form, by Email at: or by Phone: 845-217-0767

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