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From Digital Software to Physical Hardware, ZEROMORPH is transforming planet Earth with Science and Technology. Our World is our mission.


Phase 1 - Software for our World


Phase 2 - Hardware for our World


Result - Make our World a better place

Our mission is to provide all life with clean air, clean water, and clean energy.


The Results Will Be:

Zero Hunger

Zero Pollution

Abundance for all

A better, cleaner and safer world

ZEROMORPH Mission Clean Air
ZEROMORPH Mission Clean Water
ZEROMORPH Mission Clean Energy
Clean Air, Water & Energy


All around the world people are suffering from lack of the most basic need of life: Clean Water. Polluted water sources are the only sources of usable water in some areas. Those people who have no choice but to drink that harmful water, suffer from diseases that can lead to death and lifelong illnesses. This will no longer be an issue in the future. By creating software for others, we are able to continue to fund our scientific research and development to further advance our technologies that generate clean water from the air. All the money we make in our company goes back into making our world a better place for all of us. Imagine if instead of a child dying from lack of clean water, grew up to cure all water-borne diseases. If we can save just one life, we have the potential to save all lives. The world is our home and everyone is apart of our global family.

Let's Make Our World A Better Place For All


Universal Basic Income to cover the basic needs food, clothing, shelter, internet, energy, water, resources for everyone. Provide people with jobs best suited for them. Low Cost to live homes and communities. Give the excess back to people instead of throwing it away. Determine everyones cost of living to make sure that they can accommodate their families needs as well. Self-Sustainable Tiny Homes 🏡 Food - Rice, Pasta, Oatmeal, Beans, Fruits and Vegetables. Nearby restaurants, markets, farms, groceries stores, and all other food places donate to their community. Life Taxes cover basic needs for all. Clothing - imported from china or remade from older clothes/fabrics. Shelter - Environmental and Economically Built. Fabrication Machines that creates food, clothing and shelters using old materials and waste provided. Access to the same resources and information as everyone.


Make sure everyone has more than enough healthy food by using automated farms/food production machines per every household. Everyone will have an automatic garden that grows all of what they will ever need in the best fastest way possible. The resources will always be given to those who really need it most and then the rest of everyone based on Unity identifying the information. Variety Trees which grow many types of healthy beneficial fruits on a single tree.


Mandatory Exercise Daily. Free Community Gyms with Trainers to help and motive you. Rental Libraries where you can rent things to be used for a certain amount of time. Banning of Bad Food, all animal/meat products, GMOs and chemical processed foods worldwide. Gluten-free Vegetarian Vegan way. Train to handle all types of hostile aliens with simulations. Synthetic meat would be used to transition to a world without meat. Bionix to make you lose weight without harming your body.


iPads, Laptops, technology for Everyone with the whole Internet Downloaded on it so it is freely accessible anytime anywhere in any language (Wikipedia, Google, YouTube, KhanAcademy, etc.) You learn what you want to learn. Teachers, professors and anyone with knowledge about something can have a talk on it and give their own thoughts ideas. A worldwide collective of information from all of the leading people who’ve made breakthroughs. Information is rated on a scale from 1-100 based on how useful it was and you can give your confidential advice on what could be done better and improved upon.


Unisex Bathrooms, Same Pay for the same job. Male and Female President. Male and Female for each position in Government to make it equal and fair for all. All races and religions accepted.


Home Filtration Systems, Aquagens, LifeStraws, Filters on sinks, Portable Systems for cleaning water anywhere. Track where waste is going and remove it all from anywhere that could pose as a possible danger to any form of life. Make systems base on the homes so that water you “waste” is reused for flushing your toilets. The excess waste and bodily excretions can be used to help the surrounding ecosystem and plants in Limited quantities as deemed fit for the best possible use. LifeStraws on a bracelet. Algae to reuse the toxins.


Pay for unlimited solar energy usage monthly use as much energy as you want for $20/Month. Cheap as possible but the best of technology can make of solar, wind, water, geo thermal, electromagnetic, radio, magnetic, gravitational, static, thermal, kinetic, elemental, ionospheric and light converted to modern day electricity to be used in all homes, and everywhere else. Portable Power Solutions so energy would be accessible easily everywhere by everyone at no cost. Tesla Power Transmission Towers. Electro-Magnetic Induction Coils. Infinity Batteries. Universal Energy Systems that power anything no matter how big or small by regulating the energy flow to make the exact energy required without waste. One System Solution.


Place people in jobs that are best suited for them/that they actually want to do. Make people feel like they matter at what they do. An economy would start to diminish when everyone is living an abundant life. Create new opportunities for people to do more and give back to their world. Encourage people to buy or work for what they want from any store. Example; You want a new iPhone you can work at Apple for a week and it’s yours. Let people create as much as they want to without being judged by anyone.


3D Fabrication Printers and Worker Robots to do things that are labor intensive and/or dangerous like manufacturing and construction. Drones for air delivery of goods and services. Small Robots for every home to take care of any repairs, cleaning, and assisting. Pet Feeding Machines. Machines like a combination of 3D Printer, Keurig’s and Microwaves that cook cook any recipes when given the ingredients.


Get punished for hate against another based on their actions not race. Give everyone the same access to the same resources no matter who they are or what they’ve done. The ones who contribute the most to creation will get rewarded but everyone has the equal opportunity to do so. No segregation just love. The only law is do no harm to another form of life in any way. Library for everyone to use what they want. Make everything equal for all except those who have killed and caused another much harm.


Multi-Element Energy Systems To Harness All Types of Energy in locations that are best suited for them.(Wind turbines by water falls, Solar Farms on Water, Kinetic Roads so when movement happens energy is generated to provide power for homes/buildings. Purity towers in each community to remove all toxins and waste effectively while providing clean air and water for all. Use ecological resources so that if a material can only be used once it would do good when it is finished. Toilet paper, Napkins and Paper towels will be replaced with recycled earth materials that disintegrate after water is put on them and have seeds in them so life can be restored again. Cardboard would be replaced by good materials that benefit the world like nutrients, compost and seeds. Use Gaias Natural features to enhance the lives of life and enhance the life of Gaia.


Don't Kill Animals, Don't Use Fossil Fuels, Ban All Things That Cause Pollution, Convert All Cars To Electric, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Upcycle. Give back to the world by replanting seeds and helping the earth grow again. If you take then replenish all that you took. Leave the world greater than you when you were born in it. No harm just love and giving back.


Convert All Cars To Electric, Remove all of the CO2 from the places where it's causing the most harm, Stop Eating all Animals especially Cows, Put PureAir Structures all around the Earth to regulate the air and absorb all the pollution and CO2 that is causing damage, Stop Littering, Clean up our trash and waste. Put exhausts attachments on cars that use fuel to change it into good for the earth fuel and provide more mpg for every car. Revitalize the earth in areas that need it the most and then all other areas.


Have ocean bots that scan through the waters and gather all of the man made things in the ocean manly trash like plastic and clean up oil and other waster by absorbing it with a vacuum to get all of the particles out of an ecosystem to stop it from causing more harm. The bots would return to unmanned boats that would collect all of the waste which can be connected to form one big super waste boat. Make sure everything is growing the way it needs to be and help in areas where it is not. Stop all fishing everywhere all together.


Stop Killing Animals, Use Electric Cars, Use Only Clean Green Energy, Have PureAirs In Every City and Home, Plant Trees and Vegetation in places that have been raped by man, Remove Waste Responsibly, Keep water sources safe, Only allow good healthy food to be sold. Electric transportation vehicles to go from place to place. Replant and revitalize the whole earth. Cleanse the negative and toxic. Make war illegal.


Criminals get punished based on what they did and what/who they harmed. Fair treatment for all genders and all races no matter what. All weapons are illegal but people will be trained how to use whatever environment they are in incase of a hostile alien attack.


Working together to make the planet better for all by using our own god given gifts. World Codex to gather the worlds information in real-time to see what is going on and what we can improve on in each part of the planet.


End poverty, hunger and inequality based on government/country rules. Artificial Intelligence that automatically gives what is needed to those in need when in need. Interplanetary Travel. Ability to travel anywhere around the world using multiple vehicles [Sky Jets, zBikes, Worldes, etc.] People can be able to do what they want to do without being judged for it.